Install Sony Xperia Apps on any Android 5.0+ directly from Play Store

sony xperia app

This is MOD to install Sony Xperia Apps from Play Store on any device Android 5.0+

In this guide we will learn to install sony xperia apps on non xperia device from play store. We can install only apps Sony has published on Google Play Store, This MOD works on Android 5.0+ ROMs.


  • Rooted phone
  • TWRP/CWM Recovery
  • Backup your current ROM if any thing bad happens so you can restore it

How this MOD works?

This MOD does not change your system functions or add extra features to your device, It contains Xperia framework files from Xperia X / Xperia Z5 Premium in single flashable zip file. This MOD adds compatibilty in Play Store to support Sony Xperia Apps on non Xperia devices.

How to Install?

  1. Download Zip File Form HERE
  2. Reboot your phone in Recovery mode
  3. In Recovery mode selcet Install/Install Zip
  4. Select downloaded .Zip file
  5. After sucessfully installing .Zip file clear Cache and Dalvik Cache
  6. Reboot Phone
  7. Clear Data of Play Store in Application Mananger
  8. Open Play Store and search Sony you will see sony xperia apps and install which one you want

Sony Xperia Apps

Here are Play Store Links to some popular Sony Xperia Apps:

Special Note: There will no Sound Ehnancement feature in Sony Music app for Non Xperia phones which is availble in Sony Xperia Devices, Beacause it is not part of Music app it had to Port speratley on your device. To enjoy Sound Enhancement on your deviceSo you can Google it and may found for your device.

Video App was removed from Play Store by Sony, So you have to find it on Google.

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